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04/16/14 - Free Webinar: Using Resiliency as an Early Warning Indicator
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03/18/14 - Free Webinar: Creating a classroom culture that fosters resiliency
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02/28/14 - Resiliency Key to Students' Success in Common Core
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02/13/14 - Free Webinar: Evaluating resiliency in elementary age students
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02/12/14 - New Elementary Resiliency Assessment released
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01/29/14 - Free Webinar: Where Does Resiliency Fit into the Common Core?
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11/21/2013 - Free Webinar: Assessing and Building Resilience in Low-Income and First-Generation College Bound Students
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10/08/2013 - Free Webinar:
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5/06/2013 - Spanish versions of ScholarCentric's resiliency assessments released
7/25/2013 - MSSA Spring Institute
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4/29/2013 - Career-Based Intervention Conference
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4/27/2013 - American Educational Research Association
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4/26/2013 - National Council on Educating Black Children
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Resiliency: The Missing Piece of the Achievement Puzzle

For students to do well in school they have to be mentally, physically and emotionally prepared to learn. Even the best teachers, technology and curriculum are unlikely to have a significant impact on academic performance until students are healthy, safe, engaged, and supported, and understand the value of school for themselves.


So how do we ensure that every student has the support and skills they need to be successful in school? By assessing and teaching students' resiliency.


Research led by Boston University Professor V. Scott Solberg has shown that:

  • Among matched groups of students, resiliency is the key factor in determining why one group succeeds academically while the other does not.
  • Six interrelated resiliency skills can be measured and taught.
  • When students’ resiliency increases, their academic performance improves, along with their attendance, behavior, and graduation rates.

Designed for grades 3-10, Success Highways is the only program available that provides all the tools to measure, build, and strengthen student resiliency, as well as support teachers, in one complete solution with assessments, instruction, and professional development. Success Highways provides new hope for students by addressing the previously hidden obstacles to success.


Rated "Strong Evidence of Effectiveness" by National Dropout Prevention Center


Using Resiliency as an Early Warning Indicator
Resiliency assessment now available for grades 3-5