Achieve greater academic success through resiliency

Students who use ScholarCentric achieve greater academic success – including improved attendance, higher grades, more earned credits, and higher levels of resiliency.

Resiliency is the key

ScholarCentric is based on more than a decade of research by Professor V. Scott Solberg of Boston University’s Wheelock College of Education & Human Development.

The program has been used by districts across the United States, enabling researchers to measure its efficacy in teaching the six social and emotional skills critical to academic achievement. These studies clearly demonstrate that students who are exposed to ScholarCentric achieve greater academic success – including improved attendance, higher grades, more earned credits, and higher levels of resiliency.

Our research shows:

The key factor is resiliency

Among matched groups of students, resiliency is the key factor in determining why one group succeeds academically while the other does not.

Resiliency skills can be taught

The six interrelated resiliency skills can be measured and taught.

Academic performance increases

When students’ resiliency increases, their academic performance improves along with their attendance.

Behavior improves

Increased resiliency also leads to significant improvements in behavior, engagement, confidence, and perseverance.


Higher GPA's


More courses passed


More credits earned


better attendance

The Six Resiliency Skills

Valuing Education

The degree to which students perceive education and college as being valuable to their future success.

Academic Confidence

A student’s academic self-efficacy, or the degree to which a student feels capable of successfully performing a variety of school-related tasks.

Health and Well-being

The level of psychological and emotional distress experienced by a student.

Stress Management

One’s ability to conserve emotional, psychological, and behavioral resources.


The perceived availability of social support.

Intrinsic Motivation

The degree to which a student is self-determined.

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ScholarCentric is:



With a strong research base and more than a decade of use in a wide range of districts, ScholarCentric is proven to improve academic outcomes.



ScholarCentric’s assessments and curriculum are designed with students in mind. The results are easy to understand, helping both educators and families.



The six resiliency skills that form the basis for ScholarCentric are fundamental to students’ success in school and beyond, creating lasting impact.



With age-appropriate resources from grades 3 through 12, ScholarCentric is a complete SEL and well-being solution that spans elementary, middle, and high school, while preparing students for life beyond high school. ScholarCentric is fully integrated with Intellispark, providing educators with a comprehensive, online student success platform.



ScholarCentric is very cost-effective and starts at just $2,000 per year. Buy for some or all of your students and get everything ScholarCentric has to offer including an assessment, check-ins, content, activities, and lesson plans.